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Feb 20, 2024

50 Weird New Things on Amazon That Are So Damn Clever

Prepare to ask, “Where is this been all of my life?” We live in the weirdest of times. We are well past the invention of the automobile, airplane, spaceship, and bread slicer. Today, everyone with the

Prepare to ask, “Where is this been all of my life?”

We live in the weirdest of times. We are well past the invention of the automobile, airplane, spaceship, and bread slicer. Today, everyone with the kind of brain that creates devices to solve problems is either focused on big-picture issues like artificial intelligence or time travel — or they have tuned into small problems like making produce last longer and improving indoor plumbing. These are bright minds and those are real problems, so the results are often brilliant. Take a look at these 50 weird new things on Amazon that are so damn clever and you’ll see.

Empower your pup with the ability to clearly communicate when it’s time to go potty by sticking this smart bell near the door. Once they understand that tapping the bell is an easy way to communicate their needs, you can stand down until you hear the potty bell. And your dog won’t have to bark, scratch the door, or whine.

Snap this adorable kitchen spoon rest to the edge of a pan and she will hold your spoon for you to keep the counters free of spoon drips. When you want to release steam from the pan, she will help with that, too. Agatha is cute, whimsical, and helpful. Isn’t that everything you want from a kitchen gadget?

Instead of fumbling for your phone while half asleep in the morning, crack open your eyes and gaze up at the ceiling to check the time. This projection alarm clock displays the time and outside temperature where you can see it with minimal effort. The clock itself is small so it won’t clutter up your bedside table, yet it also has a built-in USB phone charger port.

Use this clever bamboo cutting board to easily prep for a meal and create ample ingredients for the entire week. A set of four collapsable containers drop into the cutout area in the board so you can chop right into them, snap the lids on, and store the prepped ingredients for later. The board hangs for storage and the containers collapse so it’s even easy to store.

This wireless music headband is certain to become your favorite accessory. It keeps your hair out of your face while you exercise and plays music from your phone to keep you going. When you want to sleep, pull it down over your eyes and drift off to a book or relaxing sounds. It comes in ten colors and the headphones remove so you can wash the headband.

Charge your iPhone and turn it into a cute bedside table display at the same time with this simple charging stand. Thread your own Magsafe charger into the base and set your phone down on it. It holds your phone at a glanceable angle and looks great doing it. It comes in four colors.

Transform every trip to the toilet into a moment of personal cleanliness with this bidet attachment that puts an upside-down shower under the toilet seat. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and life-changing. “It is honestly one of the best purchases I've made,” said one reviewer. “I can never go back.”

When work pressures have you ready to snap, relieve the stress by hitting this desktop punching bag. It clamps firmly to the edge of the desk so you can hit it hard without worrying that it will fly across the room. The spring action of the pole mount brings it right back to you, just like the fast bag in the gym.

When you are chillin’ in the hot tub or your pool, toss this floating pool speaker into the water and enjoy a watery light show and some tunes at the same time. It’s waterproof, wireless, and rechargeable so it’s zero hassle to use and brings all the ambiance to your aquatic adventures.

Get your batteries in order and save yourself the trouble of installing or storing dead ones. This battery storage organizer holds 180 batteries in a clear-top case so you can see what you have. You can even mount it to a wall and create a battery supply cabinet in a closet or storage room. A built-in battery tester makes it easy to tell how much power is in any battery. It comes in eight colors.

End the struggle to dispense liquid sweeteners — such as honey and maple syrup — by loading them into this clever syrup dispenser that pours from the bottom. Just pull a trigger on the handle to open the pour spout. Slow-moving syrups are already primed and ready to pour. Just release the trigger to stop the flow and set it in its stand and there is no mess or annoyance. It even looks like a bee hive.

Turn your homemade and bakery-acquired loaves of bread into perfect slices with this bamboo bread slicer that guides the included knife through the bread so you cut straight lines for better sandwich slices. The stainless steel, serrated bread knife fits tidily into the base so you can leave it out as a bread-cutting station. Or it all folds flat for easy storage.

If you buy juice, milk, or other beverages in big bottles, you will love this automatic drink dispenser that makes those unwieldy vessels so much easier to deal with. Install it into the bottle when you load it in the fridge and you won’t have to lift that bottle again until it’s empty. Just press your glass or bowl to the trigger and watch as the dispenser spout fills it.

Turn any room into a beautiful trip into space with this laser star projector. It throws a picture of drifting stars or a nebula cloud against your wall and ceiling, so you can imagine yourself traveling through the galaxy from your living room. Just set it down and choose the visual display from an app on your phone where you can also control the brightness, color, and rotation of the stars.

Attach this weird light bulb changer to a pole and it will allow you to change high lightbulbs without getting out a ladder. A suction cup grabs the bulb firmly so you can turn and remove it from a distance. It’s perfect for changing outdoor floodlights and recessed lighting that’s out of reach. “After years of climbing a ladder to replace ceiling bulbs, this gadget is safe and works like a charm!” said one reviewer.

This set of three food storage containers in three sizes is a complete solution for washing and storing all your produce. The easy-to-use locking lids keep air out. Each container has a colander that fits perfectly inside it. Wash your produce in the colander and drop it into the container to drip dry while it is stored — or use the colanders and containers separately.

Get out of that desk chair that’s causing you pain and kneel on this ergonomic computer desk stool instead. It puts more motion into your workday and tilts your pelvis forward to correct your posture, open up your hips, and engage your core. One reviewer wrote, “I had low back pain constantly and had tried the expensive chairs and everything in between. This is my savior.”

When your ensemble has no pockets, this hidden bra wallet can hold your passport, cash, and other valuables so it’s all safe and within reach — even if you lose your bag. It’s made from a soft fabric that feels comfortable against your skin and attaches to your bra strap — or a belt loop — to make it secure. It even comes with trip insurance.

Can’t remember what you were planning to do next or what you wanted from the store? Jot your notes where you will see them on this memo wristband. You can write an entire list, slap it onto your wrist, and go, ticking things off as you pick them up in the store or accomplish them in your day. The reverse side is a ruler so it’s handy to have with you.

Relax your eyes and brain after a long day in front of a computer by donning this eye massager with heat. It gently massages the eye area while applying gentle heat and playing music. Fifteen minutes will wipe away your stress and help you get to sleep more easily. “With just the right amount of warmth, it effectively soothes and alleviates any tension or fatigue around the eye area,” said one reviewer. “The gentle heat combined with the massaging action creates a truly indulgent experience that is incredibly relaxing.”

Drop all the jalapenos (or drumsticks) onto this grill topper and roast them all at once without fearing that they will drop into the flames. It comes with a handy tool for coring peppers to make this meal even faster and easier. “Great set for doing jalapeño poppers,” said one reviewer. “[The] coring tool is an awesome addition and makes light work of coring the jalapeños. I think it took me all of five minutes to core 24 jalapeños the first run on this tray.”

Snap this patio umbrella light onto an umbrella pole and it will illuminate your outdoor gatherings. It throws plenty of light on your dining table with its 12 LEDs to brighten a meal well into a dark evening. Or dim the light for mood lighting. It works well as a solution for interior tent lighting too.

Tame your beard and get the groomed, stylish look you want by applying this electric straightening brush to those whiskers whenever they get unruly. It heats up quickly and the temperature is adjustable. It comes with a wooden beard comb, boar hair beard brush, scissors, and a small mustache comb. “I've always wanted a well-kept long beard but my genetics cursed me with the most untameable beard in the world,” said one reviewer. “This fixed that and I use it every single day!”

Get your fruits and vegetables really clean without spending an hour scrubbing them with soap by using this vegetable washing machine. Simply fill any container with water, drop in your produce, and turn on the purifier. It runs an automatic cycle that taps the power of ionization to deep clean whatever is in that water bath.

Unpack your everyday carry when you walk in the door and you will always be able to find your keys, phone, earbuds, pocket knives, and wallet. The trick is to have a place to put everything. This nightstand organizer is the perfect place. There’s a shelf for your small sundries, a place to charge your phone, and slots for your watches and sunglasses.

Prepare a meal of steamed dumplings, rice, and vegetables at the turn of a dial with this two-tier food steamer. You can cook everything at the same time on the two layers while you go off and do something else. It turns off automatically when the time runs out or it runs out of water so nothing overcooks. “This steamer changed my life,” said one reviewer. “I practically never use my stove [and] love that I can turn the dial and go about my life.”

Clip this running light to your belt, backpack straps, or shirt and illuminate your path hands-free. It’s rechargeable, has a three-hour battery life, and will also stick to any metal surface, making it invaluable on a camping trip or power outage. It’s also terrific for running or dog-walking at dusk.

This sleek and modern sonic toothbrush helps you brush better by keeping a timer that alerts you when you should move to the next mouth quadrant. The matching travel cover also functions as a mount that sticks to the mirror, and the sleek black color and slender shape are distinctive and elegant. If you like to track metrics, connect it to your phone and keep track of your self-care routine easily with the quip app.

Create a whimsical garden that lights your space with this three-pack of color-changing mushroom night lights. They turn on automatically when the lights are out and turn off again when the lights are on. They are so adorable, you will want to plug one into every available outlet. “I love them so much, I placed a reorder the same day they arrived,” said one reviewer. “Great bathroom nightlight.”

If you focus better when your hands are busy, add this fidget pen to your desktop rig. It writes like a pen but becomes a toy you can shape into any creature or form you can imagine anytime you need it. The pen’s body is made up of magnetic pieces you can reshape.

Enjoy the ambiance of a fire pit right on your patio — or even in the living room — with this tabletop fire pit. The flame is big enough to toast marshmallows but the “pit” itself is small enough to sit on a table and burns without smoke or smells. “The cutest fire pit ever,” said one reviewer. “It has become my go-to companion for indoor and outdoor adventures.”

Mount this automatic soap dispenser to the wall with the included adhesive mount, fill it with soap, and tell it how much foam soap you want it to dispense when it senses a hand below it. You can forget about messy tabletop hand soap solutions as your bathroom becomes a sci-fi future reality. The display tells the temperature and how much power is left in its battery.

This egg separator makes using either the yolks or whites of your eggs super easy, and it’s so whimsical you will love baking. Just crack the egg into the startled chicken and pour the whites out through the expressive beak. The jagged head of the chick makes cracking the shell easy and the entire process will make you laugh. When you aren’t baking, it looks adorable in the kitchen.

This weird-looking tool makes it so fast and easy to cut a watermelon that you will be making watermelon salads and fruit plates in record time. Just drag the rake part of the watermelon slicer through the fruit to create lines, then turn the melon and do that again in the other direction to make a grid. Stab a piece with the fork and it lifts up a perfect cube.

This gizmo is the solution for people with long hair. Instead of letting hair slip down the drain when you shower and find yourself holding a wad of it, swipe your fingers through this wall hair collector to stash it where it won’t cause a clog. To remove the stored hair, swipe in the other direction. “Bought this product to keep me and my sisters’ long hair out of the shower drain and it’s been awesome!!” said one reviewer.

Instead of fighting with the toothpaste tube every time you brush your teeth, mount this automatic toothpaste dispenser to the wall and let it do the work. It screws in and uses vacuum action to pull the paste out instead of squeezing the tube. All you have to do is push your toothbrush into the dispenser and it delivers a dollop right onto the brush.

Set this cute sculptural cactus coaster set on the coffee table to brighten the mood in the room. When you need a coaster to set your hot or cold beverage on, pull off one of the six green discs. The plant still looks like a cactus when you are using the coasters. When you are tidying up the room, reassemble the cactus.

Free up some drawer space and make it easy to keep your collection of sleeveless tees, ties, scarves, camis, bras, or nightgowns out and easy to find with this tank-top hanger. It holds 24 ties, bras, or other garments in a tidy row on the closet rod and takes up the space of only a couple of standard hangers.

If you love pickles, you know the dilemma. Do I stick my fingers into the wet pickle juice or dirty a fork just to stab a pickle? Not anymore! This condiment fork lives on the pickle jar so it’s always ready to fish in the juice for a pickle. Just stretch the silicone band around the rim of the jar and hang the fork in the holster.

Keep your sunglasses handy in the car by hanging this car visor sunglass holder over the visor. When the sun goes down, you will have an easy place to stash them so they don’t get lost or broken, and you will know where they are the next time you need them. It opens easily and stays closed with the help of a strong magnet.

If you like to toss things onto the dash while you are driving but are frustrated when they immediately slide off and get lost, this anti-slip rubber pad is the answer. It looks decorative and low profile on your dash but the lattice pattern is designed to grip anything you toss there. “Whatever you put on it, [...] stays,” said one reviewer. “You never have to worry again about your phone, wallet, keys, or sunglasses sliding off the dash.”

If you love going through your day with a chilled bottle of water in an insulated container, you have probably worried more than once about how clean your water is because cleaning those bottles can be onerous. But this self-cleaning UV water bottle does that chore for you. A UV light in the lid bathes the interior of the bottle in bacteria- and virus-killing UV light at the push of a button. It’s rechargeable and comes in nine colors.

Serving cold salads and dips on the patio doesn’t have to come with a worry about spoiled food. This two-pack of ice-chilled dip bowls keeps it all cold. Just fill the outer bowl with ice and set the stainless steel bowl in that. You can store your dips in the same container by snapping the included lids on them and stashing them in the fridge for the next party.

There is no need to ask a neighbor to water your plants the next time you go away. Set up this solar-powered watering device and your plants will be self-sufficient. A solar panel powers the timer that delivers water from a container directly to the soil of your plants via a system of small hoses you can customize to fit your situation. It can handle 10 to 15 pots and you can add onto it with an expansion kit.

If you like to read on your Kindle, phone, or tablet while it sits on a mount, this page turner will turn the pages for you without asking you to sit up or even lift an arm. Just hold the remote in your hand and control the page turning without moving anything but your thumb. “It’s user-friendly, easy to charge, and makes it easy to scroll to the next page on my Kindle Paperwhite while I’m warm and cozy under the covers,” said one reviewer.

Stick this clear magnetic dry-erase board to your fridge so you can see what’s on the calendar at a glance. Six strong magnets hold it steady so you can jot important events, notes, and goals where you will see them every time you go snack hunting. It comes with eight colored dry-erase markers that are also magnetic so you can keep them on the fridge, too.

Having trouble getting soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs the way you want them? This egg timer takes the guesswork out of the process. Just drop it into the water with your eggs and it changes color as the eggs cook. When the color gets to the line that describes the eggs you want, your eggs are done. It comes in seven colors.

Typically vampires run from garlic — according to the lore — but this Gracula garlic crusher doesn’t run from a fight. Drop your cloves into the bowl and he will peel, crush, and mince it. “This is so easy to use and really chops your garlic perfectly,” said one reviewer. “Makes chopping garlic easy and quick.”

Make it easy to find your prepped meals or leftovers in the fridge or freezer by labeling everything with these erasable food labels. When you change what’s in the container, you don’t have to peel off the label, just erase it and write a new label. This is a set of 140 labels in three sizes and it comes with an eraser.

When that email or idea you are trying to tap out on your phone gets too long, pull out this foldable Bluetooth keyboard and get it typed out faster. It comes with a phone stand so you can see what you are writing, pairs with your phone at the tap of a button, and weighs less than 6 ounces so it’s easy to have with you.

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